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springen van het meisje

Use your full potential and get more out of life!

Are you a woman who recognizes this? Obstructive thoughts, chaos, stress, boredom, losing yourself and little margin in time, money and energy. Are you tired of feeling like life is happening to you and you don't know how to turn your dreams into reality?

What you want is a life you don't want to run away from!

You want to live from strength, guard your boundaries, know who you are, what you want and what you can do. You are looking for peace and overview and a meaningful active life. A life inFULLNESSThat's what I wish you. And I'm here to tell you that it is possible! What you need is a goal, a personal action plan and the right tools to achieve your goal. I would be happy to help you with this.


Contact me!

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Wat kan ik voor jou betekenen?

As a life coach I am there for you and your goals. I help you shape your personal and professional life.


Old unwanted patterns and false beliefs keep you where you are. They keep you away from where you want to be. It's time for change. I help you convert your dreams and wishes into a concrete achievable goal.​ By providing an overview and helping you achieve the desired changes. 


Is this something you desire? Let's talk.

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Why hire a life coach?

​From personal and professional development to life questions, the reasons for hiring a life coach are very diverse. 


You want be coached. How does that work?

Life coaching can be done the way you like it best.

How and where we meet (walking, video calling, or meeting at an agreed location) depends on what you prefer. This is not fixed and may differ per session, we do this in consultation. But first let's get acquainted.


Getting to know each other is without obligation and free of charge. Well, not quite. It will 'cost' you a little time. It is nice to see if there is a click before we enter into a collaboration. You can get acquainted via a (video) call appointment or we can also meet face to face.

If we click, an intake interview will follow. During the intake, your wishes and options will be examined. And we will delve deeper into the request for help.


Schedule an introductory meeting. 


After the introduction and intake, the coaching process follows.

Depending on the request for help, I recommend an average of 5 to 7 sessions. You can meet as frequently as you want. However, my advice is to take the time to let the sessions sink in. Exercises and learning new habits take time, meeting too soon in succession can make it more difficult to master the new patterns. Once every two weeks or month may sometimes be advisable, we will make agreements about this together.

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Why would you want me as your coach? 

I never consider myself too old to learn. There is a lesson to be learned from almost everything. I would like to share what I learn with you.


Words that characterize me are: empathetic, patient, reliable, decisive, motivating, creative, inspiring, humorous, enthusiastic, goal-oriented, eager to learn. 

With these qualities and your desire to have a life worth living, I am convinced that our collaboration will be a success.


My name is Dellarina

I am a certified life coach in Zutphen. My passion is helping you from where you are to where you want to be. I can't wait to get started with you! 

Are you as excited to move forward as I am, or have you become curious? Just give me a call, can't wait to meet you! 

"Your warmth, love for others, empathy, purity and strength make you a wonderful person

and born life coach"

-- Silvia Dragt 

(Life coach teacher)

"Dellarina knows the art of coaching and questioning you in such a way that you always take one step further and you also get the feeling that you are doing it yourself! Double win.

A loving, knowledgeable coach. Soft where necessary, and confrontational when possible" 

-- Carla Pannen 


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